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Wake up Call to Family of Light

Award-winning detoxification formulas to restore your health

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Will you be taking this important step in your healing journey and applying for a Collective Rising Course?

If you have any more questions please email Heba & Matt at: collectiverising2022@gmail.com

Available Courses:

Yoga Teacher Training

Offering you high quality yoga training in the traditional methods. Taking you deep into the philosophy and teaching you the correct alignment principles of yoga postures that the majority of schools do not offer.

Next course date 22.09.2022

Healing Inner Child Course

Learn theory and practice to walk the walk towards becoming the best version of yourself, not someone else. Run over 11 weeks.

Next course date 7.07.2022

It is always you. You are the library where you should lose yourself. The book you should read. The language you should learn. The place you should voyage. The discovery you should make. All the worlds wonder is a song. The notes and the singer are you~Jaiya John