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Genome Healing

What is Genome healing ?
The fears and traumas of your ancestors can be held in your organs.
One of the main aspects of our Genome Healing work is to ‘give the organs of the body a voice.’ Why is this so important? Well, as humans, the way we deal with unhappy experiences in life is to hide our emotions and bury our pain.

Childhood trauma, relationship breakups, feelings of let down, abandonment and betrayal become registered within the ‘cellular memory’ of our bodies.

Buried emotions never die and if these repressed emotions are not acknowledged, released and resolved, a breakdown occurs at the cellular level often resulting in depression, ill health and chronic disease.

When the body is allowed to speak, the person gets in touch with this repressed pain and by using our rapid trauma release protocol we are able to release the trauma within minutes. Yes, even a traumatic event held within the body for 50 years or more, only takes a few minutes to resolve.

Organs often reveal how a particular trauma can be traced back to a relative such as mother or great grandfather. I have found that the trauma and fear of not being able to put food on the table, suffering a long term illness or shock due to an accidental death can be passed down energetically through the DNA to ancestors..

This has also been proven through the science of Epigenetics.
The good news is that we can resolve ancestral pain no matter how far it goes back, again within minutes, which not only positively affects the person we are working with but all who are connected to the lineage.

Appointments are limited to a few per week to allow for the healing facilitator to recharge and pursue her spiritual work.

Cost: by donation 

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Distant Reiki Sessions​

During a Distant Reiki session, you receive Reiki without the physical presence of the Practitioner. This method is based on the perception that we are all energy, and are connected beyond time and space.

Your Reiki practitioner is Matt, who is offering a 25 minute healing or tune-up reiki service on a pay-what-you-can basis.

One session per customer.

Bookings must be made one week in advance and is done via zoom.


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Sacred Sound Journeys​

Guided meditation journeys are transmuted through sound frequencies to achieve divine healing.

Matt & Heba have their own unique style of fusion of various indigenous sounds, instrumentals and frequencies to bring you an experience like no other.

You will leave the session rested, rejuvenated, refreshed and even captivated and healed. 

The singing bowls, shamanic drum and guided words add another twist to the experience sure to delight your senses and awaken you to the truth within. Many who have attended these sessions have left utterly delighted and awakened to their own inner tune.

To book, send us an enquiry below. Alternatively visit our Facebook events page. We can book you in for a private SSJ if you are a local or traveling group. 

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Guided Meditation Sessions​

Through meditation, you reprogram yourself to respond and not react in situations. You will also learn to remove negativity and experience joy and bliss.

Through meditation you can learn to respond and not react in situations. As well as remove negativity and experience joy and bliss.

Meditation is scientifically proven to enhance empathy and compassion. Further, regular meditation improves the brain’s problem-solving and decision making strategies, which can bring a desirable shift in our professional and personal life.

Meditation is a natural stress buster! Brain studies have shown regular meditation tones the nervous system and lower cortisol in the brain which helps in deepening the meditators insight and emotional resilience.

Our meditation sessions are highly regarded by spiritual evolutionists who want to upgrade their DNA and reach higher states of awareness and consciousness. We hold the group meditation events on a monthly basis, August 2022 is LION’s PORTAL meditation session. Check oru full calendar of events or visit our facebook events page for bookings.

To view upcoming meditation sessions click below.


Spiritual Mentoring

Receive support and guidance to let go of fears and other limitations so you can step into your true potential.

Your mentor will help you discover what is holding you back and guide you to remove energetic blockages. 

You can either opt to join our 11 week Inner Child Healing Course (visit our Spiritual Courses page)

Or make a booking to be guided one-on-one (first session free).

Booking availability Wednesdays 10am and 6pm.


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It is always you. You are the library where you should lose yourself. The book you should read. The language you should learn. The place you should voyage. The discovery you should make. All the worlds wonder is a song. The notes and the singer are you~Jaiya John

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