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HEALING your INNER child 9- week intensive course

Flexible learning options available upon request.

This course is a 9 week face-to-face course OR (virtual if you are unable to attend) designed to inspire you to reach spiritual heights so you can be the best version of yourself.

The techniques taught in this course are a combination of modern and ancient tools that utilize the power of consciousness to map out your inner mind/body construct so you may become aware of where energy needs to be directed for the purpose of harmonizing energy vortices.

A transformational 9 week course of intense inner work may be that gift to yourself or a loved one who is committed to healing and self-transformation. You will learn to adopt simple yet profound methods and techniques that enhance your spiritual awareness and aid you on the path of inner transformation and healing of the mind and body, ultimately manifest the life of your dreams.

I am worthy. I can and will.

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Through your mentoring you will learn growth enabling and self-healing tools and techniques. You will learn about your energy body, mental body, emotional body and beyond! You will be empowered to no end. Change your life like countless other souls, today!

"I did online spiritual mentorship with Heba and it was transformative. I was given very good spiritual tools to help chakra blockages and help reduce my anxiety and I noticed dramatic changes that were truely life changing. I am so grateful to all that i received from wonderful generous loving teacher" Kamahl, Sydney Aust.

"Thank you for taking me on such a magical journey. I am blessed to realise the beautiful truth and make peace within myself and all around me .This course helped me found myself and my path. I loved listening to all your knowledge. From this course I made acceptance with my present and made peace with my past. You are an amazing lady and I am blessed you accepted me in doing the course . I highly recommend the spiritual mentorship course" Nikita, Mildura, Aust.

Master your life

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Empower yourself

Face to face OR online


It has been a long term goal of mine to complete my 200 hrs YTT with Heba and it has truly been everything I imagined. Heba’s knowledge and wisdom is impressive, her teaching is as efficient and effective and her heart is honest and caring as she is a true mentor! ❤️ i am so glad I got to train and learn the traditional yoga philosophy and techniques from Heba!!!

Megan Hren

I visit Mildura regularly as my elderly parents live there. Now super delighted to have met Heba and her team of Yoga Teacher Trainers the last time i was in Mildura. I went to every class and absolutely loved them all. But Ashtanga is a particular favourite of mine, it's so traditional and taught by Heba, it's the best! She is such a powerful incredible teacher!! I will eventually do my training in Mildura for the YTT with Heba as my Guru she has such amazing energy, with a beautiful in the now presence!

Kat Heath

After now completing my 200hr YTTC, I can hand on heart recommend the Yoga Teacher Training Course with Heba at Eka Earth Yoga. Heba’s passion for Yoga is evident not only in her Ashram, but in how she teaches it exactly as it should be – Authentically. The course teaches you not only about Yoga, its philosophies and the asana, but it also teaches you about yourself. From the very beginning Heba gifts you with knowledge and confidence to teach within the learning space from the very beginning. Every aspect of the YTTC will challenge you on a physical, mental and spiritual level and it will strengthen your spirit. You will love it.

Kellie Ryan

Ma Hari Geet Anand Heba is the real deal - authentic, inspiring and generous. Her approach is intuitive and in tune with her students. I feel so blessed to have connected with Heba and Eka Earth Yoga Ashram, first as a student, and then completing yoga teacher training under Heba’s wise guidance. I highly recommend Heba, whether you are beginning yoga or seeking to deepen your practice.

Chelsea Todd

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