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Teen Empowerment Program with Suzannna Tongurian

Do you have an awakened teen?

What is an awakening teen?¬†ūüíę

I often get asked this question when I explain to someone that I have a vision to support awakening teens to reach their creative potential.

We are living in a changing world, and the years of adolescence is already shaped by questions of identity and belonging.

The transition from adolescence to adulthood is certainly a journey and something I know a lot about from the 15 years I have spent teaching and mentoring teens.

So what might be happening for a teen who is also beginning to question the world, who may be struggling as they learn the truth and may be facing fear and uncertainty about the future as a result of current world events?

They may also be asking big questions such as ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What is my purpose?’

They may be holding back their creative potential due to the restraints of the education matrix system, which only focuses on the mind and not the heart or soul, making it open to indoctrination and enhancing limiting beliefs about learning.

Teens are experiencing the chaos of the world and those who have eyes to see may be struggling.

Do you have an awakening teen? Feel free to join my online community for support and resources.

Suzanna Tongurian

teen empowerment

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