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Inner Child Healing Course

An 11-week Face-to-Face & Online course designed to Inspire you to reach the depth of your being, know yourself and attain spiritual heights so you can be the best version of yourself. The course will inspire you to re-connect with your inner child to heal from past pains and ultimately attract abundance from an inner place of your heart.

Healing inner child course


You are close to changing your life, once and for all!

Who does not want change?

Who wants to remain stuck in the past?

Who wants to remain stuck in a cyclic life of pain and trauma?

Who does not want to heal and grow?

You have enquired because you want all the above! And that’s amazing that you are led here! This course will not disappoint. It’s a promise! 

You would have heard this famous quote: “The first step to healing is recognizing that there’s a wound”

This is what we aim to help you discover and much more!

What is this course about?

This course is an 11-week face-to-face course designed to inspire you to reach spiritual heights so you can be the best version of yourself.

The techniques taught in this course are a combination of modern and ancient tools that utilize the power of consciousness to map out your inner mind/body construct so you may become aware of where energy needs to be directed for the purpose of harmonizing energy vortices.  

A transformational 11-week course of intense inner work, may be that gift to yourself or a loved one who is committed to healing and self-transformation.  You will learn to adopt simple yet profound methods and techniques that enhance your spiritual awareness and aid you on the path of inner transformation and healing of the mind and body, ultimately manifest the life of your dreams.

In this rich program, you will learn how to:

How much does this course cost and when is it delivered?

A typical healing session anywhere costs anywhere between $75 – $95 for an hour session and most healers do the work for you instead of offering YOU the healing techniques and tips to take home.

This course offers techniques and healing tools (how to) where you can feel cared for and unjudged (safe space) so you are fully equipped in self-healing (empowerment).

This is a life-long course rich in high-quality authentic knowledge passed down from ancient civilizations and renowned universal teachers known for being adepts and experts in the field of mind, body, soul connection. It is aimed to help you find the missing pieces, heal wounds, release traumas and optimize your mind, body, spirit connection, basically, to become the best and fullest version of yourself



I am offering this course for only $40 per session x 11 weeks = total $444.

You will be required to pay $144 at the time of registration.

The remaining $300 can be paid in two $150 instalments (1st by week 3, 2nd by week 6). You will receive a week’s reminder prior to the next instalment.

If you pay the whole amount upfront you will receive a 10% discount.

How to register

I have been selective in the past in regards to who attends my training courses as I truly love to offer personalized care and high-level knowledge to people who seem fully committed to the inner work, in other words, ready! I say this with a pure intention of love and compassion, as this course can be confronting if the person is not ready to heal. If you are gifting this course to someone else, please ensure they are ready before they enrol. 

If you are interested AND READY, please send me an email and in a few sentences tell me why you wish to enrol in my course, include your full name, email address, and mobile phone number.

Once you have sent the email we will then send you a confirmation of enrolment. We ask that you pay the first instalment within 5 days from receiving the confirmation as we have limited spots in this course and we do not wish for anyone interested to miss out. You will be sent 3 invoices – an initial, instalment 1, and instalment 2, all state the different payment methods available.

What the course includes:

Course Delivery:

Face-to-face delivery. Course runs for 11 consecutive weeks beginning on the 7th of July. Time and day: Thursdays 6.45pm till 8.15pm.

This course can also be offered online, depending on numbers. Register your interest for online delivery upon enrolment. We will notify you if there will be an online delivery and advise date/time of delivery.

If you are missing due to work commitments you can request a recording of the session to watch from home during the week. However, we strongly recommend you attend ALL sessions for optimal results.

Unsure if this course is for you?


It is always you. You are the library where you should lose yourself. The book you should read. The language you should learn. The place you should voyage. The discovery you should make. All the worlds wonder is a song. The notes and the singer are you~Jaiya John

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