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Abundance comes from the heart

Can I manifest abundance if my heart energy is blocked?
The short answer is no. You may attract some positive things but not abundantly and certainly not long-lasting. To manifest abundance, your heart chakra must be activated and blooming.
We have free will to shut life down or completely blossom with compassion, love and acceptance.
πŸ’œHeart chakra over-activation
An excess of energy here leads to co-dependence, jealousy, clinginess, poor boundaries, and a desire for attention through false martyrdom.
🀍Blockage in the heart leads to antisocial behaviour, withdrawal, criticism of others, intolerance of others, feeling of loneliness & isolation, and lacking empathy.
How do I know if my heart chakra is balanced?
Firstly, do not despair if you have blocks in your heart centre, there are many available techniques that help in restoring balance to the original blueprint of the heart. (I’ll make a post to this effect).
People with a balanced Heart chakra are loving, caring, and compassionate. They accept themselves and others for who they are, and love them anyway. This brings peace, contentment, and trust to their relationships. They have defined boundaries as to how much of their energy to give away and when necessary to withhold, yet they do not withhold sending love to all beings whether or not they be deemed β€œworthy”. A balanced heart energy centre makes the person open to loving experiences, receptive and enables inner grow and ultimately manifestation of abundance. It is from the heart level that we manifest abundance and not from vibrational frequencies of fear, low-level desires, greed, attachment or egoism.

Say yes to love energy, it’s coming your way
Close your eyes and feel the difference
Send love back
Thank you, it’s accepted
Heba Nicolaci