Abeytu´ Naturals Lips Kit


Kit Contains

– CV Well Daily Prevention Tincture x 1
– Oral Prevention Breakout Lip Sticks x 2
– Oral Breakout Lip Balm x 1

Formulated using hyaluronic acid and essential oil with our signature patent-pending micronutrient blend to provide immediate moisturizing relief.




Cannabidiol, Hyaluronic Acid, Essential Peppermint Oil, Glutathione, Lysine, Ascorbyl Palmitate(VitC), Selenomethionone, Zinc Citrate, Distilled Water, Coloring.


Administer 4 drops of tincture sublingual twice daily. Use Prevention Balm as often as you like; Use Breakout Balm as needed or at the first sign of a likely breakout.

Additional Information

WEIGHT 9.8 oz