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Wake up Call to Family of Light

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Consciousness Awakening using energies 2323•Pranayama•Meditation•Sound

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20 Taronga St

20 Taronga Street

Palmwoods, QLD, Australia, 4555

Consciousness awakening EVENT• Powerful pranayama, sound frequencies & guided meditation accessing energies of 3&2 combined

Powerful combination of numerology means resurrection, reinvention and unity – add all numbers you get 3. Meaning of 3 is reinvention, resurrection, creativity.

We start with singing bowls to get you to relax and Unwind then grounding guided meditation laying on the back or sitting up.

Singing bowls are played throughout the session and other magical instruments like the gong all add a very special vibration that uplifts and transports You to higher dimensions. While Matt plays a fusion of tribal and light frequency music to awaken DNA memories within your cells.

You will be guided to invoke light codes in steaming on 3.2.23 , it is said that energy frequency of 3.2.23 means resurrection, awakening and reinvention of the self , therefore, an invitation to leave behind old energies and memories in our DNA.

You will be guided through powerful breathwork to raise your prana to higher energy centres and enable these Energy vortices to open and vibrate higher in readiness to receive new light codes.

You will be guided through a powerful meditation to remove negative seals and establish a new protection shield for your newfound energy.

You are encouraged to bring a clear quartz to anchor the newfound light energies and take it home fully charged creating a beautiful and Powerful protection grid around us.

Tickets are $33 pp including mat, snack and beverage.

Spaces are limited book early to avoid missing out on this powerful meditation event.

Look forward to seeing you all there beautiful soul family


Heba and Matt