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8-day Nourishing, Healing, Spiritual Retreat KERALA, INDIA

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November 11 - 8:00


November 18 - 12:00

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Collective Rising

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/o/collective-rising-49125718603


kovalam beach, Kovalam, KL 50000

Kovalam, KL, IN, 50000

Natural setting on the beach of Kovalam, surrounded by coconut trees, palms and plantations. Spiritual healing & awakening immersion retreat

8-day Nourishing, Healing, Spiritual Retreat INDIA

11.11.2023 – 18.11.2023

A very natural setting on the beach of Kovalam, India, surrounded by coconut trees, palms and plantations. Join Matt and I, founders of Collective Rising, on this sacred journey of a lifetime. This place is magical with everything to invigorate your mind, body and soul, help you unwind and refresh and deepen your spiritual inner-standing around topics of self discovery such as multidimensionality, inner freedom, balance, elimination of what does not serve you and expansion into the cosmic and highest spiritual identity.

What is included:

• Yoga and Meditation

• Sound Healing Journeys

• Detoxification and Nourishment Program

• Ayurvedic massage

• Spiritual Satsangs (discussion circles)

• 3 per day Healthy wholesome VEGETERIAN nutritious meals and drinks including fresh fruit juices

• Spacious clean bedrooms near the beach

• 8 days (7 nights) accommodation (basic level accommodation, hygienic, hot water and privacy)

• Transportation from/ to airport

• Free excursions to interesting sites of interest including food, drink and activities

What is not included:

Travel insurance

Health insurance

Visa fee


Additional activities not included in original itinerary

Specialized treatments

Ayurvedic consultation and products

Electricity & Outlets

In India the power plugs and sockets are of type C, D and M. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Responsible Travel

Avoid offence by eschewing tight, sheer or skimpy clothes

It’s polite to remove your shoes before entering homes and places of worship

It’s best to ask before snapping people, sacred sites or ceremonies

Avoid pointing the soles of your feet towards people or deities, or touching anyone with your feet

Saying ‘hariom’ with your hands together in a prayer gesture is a respectful Indian greeting;

Weather Information

August to November is the best time to be with rare showers, warm, sunny days and cool nights, and a lot of blooms.


Early bird $1777

Cost of the 8 day retreat with all inclusions above-mentioned based on single accommodation is $1777 if booked (and deposit of $477 paid) by 4th September. Pay the rest by 10 November. We can set you up on a weekly payment plan (please refer to payment plans on retreat section on our website)… Afterpay, paypal, cash or direct deposit all accepted.

Cost after 4th of September is $1977.

Flights are not included in the above price. For early bird specials on flights we recommend flying Singapore airlines. These are the sites we use to book our flights which we have found to be comparably cheaper than others:

– www.cheapflights.com.au

– www.budgetair.com.au

Cost of a return flight (depending on airlines, cheapest being Scoot) is roughly $1200 return. On Scoot around $850 return. All patrons must arrive by 10 November and may depart any date. If you wish to attend the entire program we recommend departing after 2 pm 18 November.

Closest airport is Thiruvananthapuram (aka Trivandrum).

Booking Terms

– Full refund is issued if cancelled by 11 September. After 11 September deposit is forfeited.

– In the event of no show, no refund will be given.

– For booking confirmation, deposit amount of $477 must be paid leaving a balance of $1300. (example, If you pay deposit on 30 August, you have 10 weeks to pay the remaining amount of $130 per week). Extensions can be granted on case by case basis.

– Concession card holders are entitled to 5% discount on the total amount.

– Fees apply to all afterpay and credit card payments.

– Inappropriate and Unethical behaviour will not be tolerated during the retreat or while on premises. We reserve the right to take appropriate action to address inappropriate behaviour. Unethical or criminal behaviour will be reported to authority.

– By signing up to our program, we would be delighted to offer our sincere guidance to help you explore the magnificent place of Kerala. However, any unexplained absences will be treated as suspicious and may be reported to authority. By signing up to join us on this retreat we ask all our patrons to be mindful of reporting absences especially when travelling solo.

– Diets are strict vegetarian. If there are specific dietary requirements, please discuss with us before booking as we may be able to cater for you.

– Signing up for this wonderful journey has been described as life-transforming and breathtaking. Whilst our patron’s health and safety is our top priority, we highly advise all participants to purchase a health and travel insurance plan for the period of the retreat including travel days.

Facilitators & Teachers

Heba and Matt are your hosts. Heba’s largely focused on spiritual teaching and mentoring, teaching yoga teacher training courses, healing workshops and courses. She is a published author and co-founder of Collective Rising (previously Eka Earth Yoga). Her divine mission is to guide people along their individual spiritual journeys through spiritual alchemy and shadow work.

Matt is co-founder of collective rising and the designer, videographer, and music producer. He is result driven and loves to take people on soulful journeys using sacred sound and music that speaks to the soul. He is a wayshower whose work the past 2 years specially has been focused on bringing ‘truths’ around the crumbling matrix system to light.

Matt and Heba verily invite you to join them on this wonderous soul-searching heart-warming journey to India. They promise you an adventure like no other, a time of peaceful reflection, growth and joy whilst bathing on the beautiful serene beaches of Kerala, sightseeing, yoga and spiritual inspiration and growth – and all that India has to offer. Namaste.