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8-day Nourishing, Healing, Spiritual Retreat KERALA, INDIA

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kovalam beach, Kovalam, KL 50000

Kovalam, KL, IN, 50000

A very natural setting on the beach of Kovalam, India, surrounded by coconut trees, palms and plantations. Join Matt and I, founders of Collective Rising, on this sacred journey of a lifetime. This place is magical with everything to invigorate your mind, body and soul, help you unwind and refresh and deepen your spiritual inner-standing around topics of self discovery such as multidimensionality, inner freedom, balance, elimination of what does not serve you and expansion into the cosmic and highest spiritual identity.

What is included:

• Yoga and Meditation

• Sound Healing Journeys

• Detoxification and Nourishment Program

• Ayurvedic massage

• Spiritual Satsangs (discussion circles)

• 3 per day Healthy wholesome VEGETERIAN nutritious meals and drinks including fresh fruit juices

• Spacious clean bedrooms near the beach

• 8 days (7 nights) accommodation (basic level accommodation, hygienic, hot water and privacy)

• Transportation from/ to airport

• Free excursions to interesting sites of interest including food, drink and activities



OUR soul retreats are not just the normal yoga and relaxation retreats, but the ones that take you on some kind of awakening journey on every level, might even trigger emotions and energies to surface (part of the healing process).


7am Yoga and chidshakti prakriya near the beach to awaken shakti.


8am Meditation & Breathwork to restore your nervous system.


8.30am Ayurvedic detox juice made with real organic fruit & a freshly cooked heartwarming breakfast made with love and local organic ingredients 🍹🥣🥪🥐🍉🍇🍐🥭

10am healing session (special technique) 🌟

11.30am Beach walk 🏖


12.30pm Ayurvedic lunch for your dosha type. If your fire element is dominant you need ingredients that alchemizes excessively dominating fire. If you have lethargy you need fire generating foods. This will be catered for on an individual basis 🍲🥗🌯🥝🥑🍉😋


2pm Sleep (yoga nidra) invigorating ionising waves of the sea help the body and mind healing. This is a short yet profoundly healing session focused on laying on the back and breathing in the salty air of the nearby water – Matt’s soulful music the catalyst needed to take things to a whole new level of soul exploration! ⛱


2.30pm Local cultural visit to a nearby market or attraction so you can meet the locals and have a taster of some of the local handmade foods offered in the area and Crystal shopping of course 😉😁🔮. Snacks offered.

4pm Spiritual discussion with Heba focused on aiding you on your spiritual evolution journey and mind/body/soul healing 💫💞


Ayurvedic lunch consisting of Ayurvedic juices, local herbals teas, and a plethora of colorful raw organic foods made locally infused with love.


7pm (optional) sleep meditation (not that you will need help to sleep after a magical day, but just in case you crave that extra nervous system adjustment for a deep night sleep) followed by herbal teas for extra detoxification. FASTING until breakfast the next morning (highly encouraged) 💦💤 🎧


^ This is (roughly) the itinerary for our upcoming retreat.

^^ Accommodation is 3 tiered: economical single, economical double and deluxe shared. This price is based on economical single. Upgrade to deluxe may be requested for a small extra cost (depending on availability). There is no luxury option, as this is not what we are about. We are about helping you awaken on your spiritual journey with proper ancient healing techniques and philosophies that ignite your fire letter codex, memories and DNA. We are not a ‘new age competitive hippie’ movement that wants to commercialize spiritual knowledge, rather make it available to you at the lowest cost possible in an environment conducive to inner growth. We recommend you attend if you are keen for deep-diving within your own being not merely for the ‘feel good’. Although, we are absolutely certain you will leave feeling the best you have ever felt.

* We do not push or pressure any one to ‘believe’ anything, rather gently offer you what we have learned over many years to make your own decisions with what aligns with your own soul.

** There are many other offerings and services that are optional extras and can be arranged for you to assist your healing journey.


Also check out the PROMO



Electricity & Outlets

In India the power plugs and sockets are of type C, D and M. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Responsible Travel

Avoid offence by eschewing tight, sheer or skimpy clothes

It’s polite to remove your shoes before entering homes and places of worship

It’s best to ask before snapping people, sacred sites or ceremonies

Avoid pointing the soles of your feet towards people or deities, or touching anyone with your feet

Saying ‘hariom’ with your hands together in a prayer gesture is a respectful Indian greeting;



Early bird $1750 (If booked and deposit of $450 paid before 4 November)

Cost of the 8 day retreat with all inclusions above-mentioned based on economical single accommodation as quoted above.

Deposit must be paid for confirmation of booking by 4 November to receive early bird special. Remaining amount can be paid by instalments.

We can set you up on a weekly/fortnightly or monthly payment plan. Afterpay, paypal, cash or direct deposit all accepted. 3% extra charge for afterpay applies. Cost after 4th of November is $1950.

Flights are not included in the above price. For best international flying experience we personally recommend flying with Singapore airlines. These are the sites we use to book our flights which we have found to be comparably cheaper than others:



Closest airport is Thiruvananthapuram (aka Trivandrum).

Transporation to and from airport is included in your itinerary.

We are more than happy to provide assistance with online visa applications, which are fairly simple.


Booking Terms

Full refund is issued if cancelled by 11 November. Afterwards, deposit is forfeited.

In the event of no show, no refund will be given.

For booking confirmation, deposit amount of $450 must be paid leaving a balance of $1300. (example, If you pay deposit on 4 NOV, you have 13 weeks to pay the remaining amount of $1300 per week which you can opt to pay weekly amounts of $100).

Concession card holders can request an additional 5% discount off the total amount.

3% fees apply to all afterpay and credit card payments.

Inappropriate and Unethical behaviour will not be tolerated during the retreat or while on premises. We reserve the right to take appropriate action to address inappropriate behaviour. Unethical or criminal behaviour will be reported to authority.

By signing up to our program, we would be delighted to offer our sincere guidance to help you explore the magnificent place of Kerala. However, all unexplained absences will be treated as suspicious and may be reported to authority. By signing up to join us on this retreat we ask our dear participants to be mindful of reporting absences especially when moving around or traveling solo.

Diets are strict vegetarian. If there are specific dietary requirements, please discuss with us before booking as we may be able to cater for you.

Signing up for this wonderful journey has been described as life-transforming and breathtaking. Whilst our team’s health and safety is our top priority, we highly advise all participants to purchase a health and travel insurance plan for the period of the retreat including travel days.


Facilitators & TeachersHeba and Matt are your hosts. Heba’s largely focused on spiritual teaching and mentoring, teaching yoga teacher training courses, healing workshops and courses. She is a published author and co-founder of Collective Rising (previously Eka Earth Yoga). Her divine mission is to guide people along their individual spiritual journeys through spiritual alchemy and shadow work. Matt is co-founder of collective rising and the designer, videographer, and music producer. He is result driven and loves to take people on soulful journeys using sacred sound and music that speaks to the soul. He is a wayshower whose work the past 2 years specially has been focused on bringing ‘truths’ around the crumbling matrix system to light.

Matt and Heba verily invite you to join them on this wonderous soul-searching heart-warming journey to India. They promise you an adventure like no other, a time of peaceful reflection, growth and joy whilst bathing on the beautiful serene beaches of Kerala, sightseeing, yoga and spiritual inspiration and growth – and all that India has to offer. Namaste.