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Wake up Call to Family of Light

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Your relationships are a reflection of yourself.

This isn’t mysticism. This is the reality of the universe, one of the fundamental principles governed by the Universal Laws of Energy.

When we touch people’s hearts with our positive actions, words and pure feelings towards them, they sense it; Words, thus, lose their power and as soon as the heart speaks, everything else becomes quietened and deafened by the powerful echoes broadcasted by the hearts utterance and resonance.

We are energy formations, pure consciousness and matter, our bodies are merely gross/dense form of energy… we are an extension of the divine and the macro cosmos, infinity represented in a perfect geometrical form. When we learn the art and skill of its geometrical form, we align with the greater forces that govern our universe, in fact, we become the Universe itself in its entirety.

Expansion of our consciousness and merging in love is our mission here, beginning with the simple yet profound learning of the vital knowledge and principles that govern the Universe we are a part of. It’s not necessarily taught through mainstream educational systems, in fact, the moment we realize that we must unlearn everything we have been taught to re-learn the right knowledge, love being the core of it all, we elevate to a new level of understanding and enter the field of possibilities and probabilities never knew existed prior to this learning taking place. Similarly, we must practice the art of introversion and self awareness from a young age to gain deep insight into the mystical realm, for this insight is never taught but becomes known in a moment of ego dissolution and transcendence.

mirror image of me

When we touch the hearts of others through love-sharing activities and thoughts, the field of electro-magnetic energy expands, that is the precise moment the heart recognizes itself as a true mirror of the divine essence which is love. 

On the field of love, we all meet; however, some through resistance, walk away in fear of heartbreak or showing vulnerability. On the heart level, our differences are cast aside, our illusionary differences created by the egoic mind vanish as we come together to heal and hear our calling to fulfil our missions in being divine reflections of intelligent infinity and the prime creator of the universe.

Two people who love each other on the heart level, beyond ego and mind differences, beyond prejudice and doubt, beyond needs and expectations, are a manifestation of the powerful divine omniscient love. A pair, bound on the heart level hold the universe together, through their love they become healers to anyone who is open to receiving.

True love is not measured or defined by how much we can be fulfilled on the physical level, for it does not involve gain or loss, neither is about fleeting emotions of pleasure. 

It’s about you and the other remembering your true essence, your partner the mirror image of yourself, who comes here with you to complete the work that you weren’t able to complete during the time you spent here. 

A true lover is someone who can reach those deep recesses of your soul and connect with you on a personal level and beyond to help you heal and learn the art of loving yourself unconditionally.

These connections are not impossible, for they are the core essence of what we need to survive and thrive.

When we seek to understand and apply the Universal Laws of Energy and see things with depth through an inner knowing, we become one with all forms of life, this is what is known as alchemy.

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