Monthly Self Care Planner + Workbook


This non-dated monthly planner + workbook is ideal for use month after month. With twelve beautiful covers, the planner covers

Table of Contents:

  1. Monthly Intention setting

  2. Self-Reflective Questions

  3. Action Plans

  4. Monthly Motivation trackers

  5. Daily affirmation Tracker

  6. Emotional Tracker

  7. Meditation Challenge

  8. Habit self-awareness

  9. Bad habit tracker

  10. Good habit tracker

  11. Fitness Planner

  12. Financial self-Awareness

  13. Debt tracker

  14. Necessary Expenses tracker

  15. Not to-do lists

  16. Weekly reflections


Every page is designed individually, covers every aspect of self-care and wellbeing.

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We’ve all heard the classic ‘New Year, New You’ — but your habits don’t change overnight.

They change when you make small, consistent improvements to your every day. Change happens in your to-do lists, your grocery lists, and remembering that appointment you made three months ago.

How do you stay consistent? 

With a planner, you actually WANT to use, built to support your life and needs.