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Wake up Call to Family of Light

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✨✨Break the cycle of pain, heal wounds and upgrade DNA ✨✨

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We have 12 strands of DNA – each holds trillions of photons !
Each strand of DNA corresponds to a dimension of existence- currently humanity is being upgraded from 3rd to 5th!
The dark “elites” have kept us on the 2nd strand far too long to cut us off from reaching the highest inter-dimensional realms (3-12) so they can control and subjugate us, succeeding to an extent.
Here’s a few points of differences between 3rd and 5th dimension:
3rd dimension
– dominant emotions: fear, anger, jealousy and desire for power. Emotions are strong and dominant and in most cases uncontrolled.
5th dimension
– dominant emotions: love, selflessness and service to others and the creator. Emotions are transformed to serve the highest good, higher mind and heart dominant.
Ascension is happening right now, solar flashes are showering the planet earth with high megawaves of electro-magnetic photons! Trillions per second….
Healing is proven very efficient with laser light let alone powerful solar flashes.
Each time we receive a solar flash, you need to receive it with full surrender for it to work its magic; for those in resistance, fear and denial it will not be activating their DNA but creating physical symptoms they will struggle with for the duration of the upgrade.
Once you start upgrading, you will experience reality as it IS without distortions – you will get closer to your true nature and begin to experience telepathy, psychic and healing abilities, astral travel, lucid dreaming and even time travel.
It doesn’t stop here.
From the 6th dimension and up your psychic abilities will be so powerful that you’d be able to predict events before they happen with 100% accuracy… better yet, you will have full power to create your own life. Time and space irrelevancy means you will never age, instead you will be an embodiment of gods energy to the extent that you wish with your mind and body serving you as vehicles to travel the multiverse and spread light and love of the one infinite creator.
The dark players are trying to hybdrize humans and reduce us to AI’s (artificial intelligence) – just look around you and you will see it. When you awaken you will realise the extent of the global agenda wanting us all to be reduced to nothing more than 2 strands of DNA so we remain under their control.
Firstly, detox your body. Your body has been through a lot from GMO, radiation, artificial foods, poisons, vaccines and drugs.
(We will be selling top quality detox products through our website soon)
Secondly, eat clean. Chose organic even if it costs a little more. Drink clean water and eat more nutritionally dense foods such as vegetables and fruits.
Thirdly, heal. Heal your emotions, let go of everything that no longer serves your highest good. Did you know you are who you surround yourself with?? (READ AGAIN)
DNA withers in the presence of anger and heals in the presence of love. Just to be around loving people, helps you heal if you are not resistant to the energy they give off! You will receive trillions of light photons just by surrounding yourself with loving people. The opposite is true if you surround yourself with lower vibrational energies. Love and meditation energy hold powerful healing effects on yourself and others in closing up their wounds. When enough of us do this we break the cycle of war, fear and pain.
Another way to accelerate healing is by sound. 528hz is the love frequency – tune into it 10 mins a day… more in future posts.
When you are feeling down say:
I’m growing and healing, I’m not broken and helpless.
Stay blessed
In love and light,