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▪️ Balancing Masculine and Feminine ▪️

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Sanyam (balancing the personality) is balancing masculine and feminine energies within oneself that we all are! Masculine energy is the creator and feminine is procreator. Masculine is action, feminine is intuition. Ego is masculine Energy and Soul is feminine energy. Masculine Energy = Conscious mind/thinking. Feminine energy = Subconscious mind/feeling/intuition.Feminine is anchored in the heart and intuition. Masculine is rational.
We must balance these polarities <not reduce them> action and inaction, thoughts and feelings, doing and surrendering, a fine and perfect balance between dualities.
Sanyam is a sign of an AWAKENED being. An awakened being is a balanced.
“Merkaba” is the symbol for the spin of masculine and feminine energy IN ALL OF US.
The male and female must spin together correctly in order to reactivate that connection of energy that unites the overtones and base tones of the DNA.
Twin flames represent alchemical marriage and union of duality most revered and powerful union. Both seek internal balancing of feminine and masculine energies together as one. It is said when they make contact their merkabas become activated. The five-sided figure represents the figure of the human being in its most unlimited state the totally free human. Merkaba is the vehicle that carries you as one light being to dimensions of unity and love (5D and up) beyond mind and reason.
Love and infinite blessings
Heba Nicolaci
Credits to artist / unknown